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Thirsty Maryland

Jul 6, 2020

Rachel and Michael travel to Cecil County and visit with the three generations that run the daily operations of Dove Valley at their 100 acre farm on the Rising Sun country side. 

for more information visit their website

Jan 24, 2020

Rachel and Michael travel to the first brewery in Cecil county Firetower Farm Brewery in  Colora Md. and meet with Roger Davis who is making some amazing beers on the Kilby dairy farm.

Oct 30, 2019

Rachel and Michael visit the wineries of the Gunpowder Wine Trial in Harford and Baltimore County. They also sample some wine cheese that will be featured as part of their, GPWT's 2019 Wine and Cheese Event: Nov 2-3 and Nov 9-10. For more information on the trail, the wineries, the events, and tickets visit

Oct 11, 2019

 Rachel and Michael visit Ken Carter of Maryland Meadworks in Hyattsville and taste some very incredible meads.

Oct 4, 2019

On this episode Rachel and Michael visit Sangfroid Distilling a small, artisanal distillery in Hyattsville focusing on fruit-based brandies, and dutch-style gins.